September 08, 2009

What I Love Doing the Most..(Post 6)

 There are many things I like to do in my free time. Well the thing is I get bored easily & I hate getting bored. So to avoid getting bored I have to think of doing something. Now that can involve a lot of things. My most favorite one is listening to music. I can listen to music till my head starts paining!! Really. Music is in ma blood, can’t help it. 

Another is Sing to myself. I also like to bug my little sister and brother by singing the same song again & again the whole day and that too the song that they hate the most, jus love doing that.

I like to listen to hip-hop sometimes I jus enque all the hip-hop songs on my system and dance lik no ones watchin can also try that out,its a great way to workout.

I hate watching the daily soaps on the television I would rather watch news all day long..jus to keep maself updated by knowing whats happening around the world. Now this might sound a bit weird coz I knw not many ppl do this but I like watching Discovery Channel & National Geographic a lot. Love to know about animal life..amazing facts about science and technology..those beautiful places that I hav never seen before..and basically loads of knowledge.

I also like to write in jus share thoughts that crawl my mind..I feel refreshed when I do that..!!
But the best thing I would love to do apart from all these things which I do jus to pass the time would be to be the reason behind somone’s smile. 

Thanks for reading!! Keep posting ur comments!! tc :]]

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