September 30, 2010

The thrill ride at 8am!!

What happened today was a little unusual. I boarded a bus to reach my work place and damn the bus driver was driving so rash. He drove the bus as if he owned the road. People in the bus who were seated were all fine, but I felt pity for the one's standing. They were completely dangling from one end to another and I was one of them. laugh.

Just wondered that the driver must have had a big fight with his wife last night, or another  good thing to say was he should have been an airplane pilot. The rash driving really made me feel what it would feel to be traveling in an airplane.

The ride was a rough one but I don't know I still felt happy. I felt am all geared up to face the day with a smile having such a rough ride in the morning.

But it really shouldn't be that way. I really feel he must have exceeded the speed limits and that's a matter of concern. What if he happened to hit a car, or a person crossing the road, why was he in so much hurry. All these questions were popping up in my mind when I was in the bus.

So many people die every year due to rash driving. Do they forget they have some one who's waiting all day for them to come home.

Drive safely people. You never know what comes your way right???? Happy Driving!! But Safely. TAKE CARE.. :)


  1. Wot driving safe haa? hehehe... if you're aware of the tracks you can drive as fast as Roddick's serve but ya... control is the foremost imp thing. I prefer to drive fast when m alone in d car otherwise 60kmph is good enough! :-)

  2. @aarti thanks :)

    @farhan whether the road is empty or der's traffic safety cums first dude!! be carefull :)

  3. its better to die like a king than to live like a prisoner