September 18, 2009

The Story behind my name..Prajakta or Prajakt in Sanskrit (Post 12)

Prajakta or Prajakt is a name of a flower. The name of the tree that bears these flowers is called the Parijat Tree.

The botanical or scientific name of the Parijat tree is "Nyctanthes arbor-tristis" (sometimes incorrectly cited as Nyctanthes arbortristis or Nyctanthes arbor tristis)  and is  also commonly known as

• Night-flowering Jasmine 
• Coral Jasmine • Parijat (also spelled Paarijat or Paarijaata) 
• Harsingar 
• Shephali 
• Pavazha malli in Tamil (Also spelled pavaza malli or pavala malli) 
• Prajakta or Prajakt in Sanskrit 
• Ganga Shiuli in Oriya 

The tree is sometimes called the "tree of sorrow", because the flowers lose their brightness during daytime; the scientific name arbor-tristis also means "sad tree". The flower is the official flower of the state of West Bengal, India, and for Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand.


Parijat appears in several Hindu myths. In one myth, which appears in Srimad Bhagavatam, the Mahabharata and the Vishnu Purana, Parijat appeared as the result of the Samudra manthan (Churning of the Milky Ocean). In another myth, Parijat was brought to earth by Krishna from Indra's garden. In Hindu mythology, there is a story involving Lord Krishna about a parijat and Krishna's two wives, Satyabhama and Rukmini.

Satyabhama wanted this "Parijat" tree from the Heaven to be planted in her garden. Rukmini too, took a fancy to the flower. Krishna, wanting to keep both his wives happy, planted this tree so that the flowers fell in Rukmini’s garden while the tree remained in Satyabhama’s garden. The tree was planted in the garden of Indra, the Lord of Heavens. Even as Krishna stole a branch of the tree he was spotted by Indra. However, Indra desisted from placing a curse on Krishna since he was an incarnation of Vishnu. Still, Indra put forth a curse on the stolen branch that it will never bear fruit even though the flowers may bloom on the tree. Since the day the tree was planted at Barabanki (the wives' garden), it flowers but does not reproduce, because it has no seeds and the branch cannot take root.

Not only the tree has high medicinal values in Ayurveda and is divine to Hindus, but also has it's share of stories of it's romantic origin. According to Hindu mythology, Parijathaka a princess was in love with sun and failed to win his heart, even after trying a lot. So She committed suicide and from her ashes rose the tree parijatha. Unable to stand the sight of her love, she blooms only during night and sheds all the flowers (resembling tears) before the sun rises or with the touch of very first sun rays. The highly fragrant flowers bloom during night spreading there essence all to the surroundings. The courtyards filled with these flowers in the very morning is a bliss to eyes and their aroma arises your spirit. These are apparently only flowers that Hindus offer to GOD picked from the ground instead of plucking from the tree.

So, next time if you come across a Parijat tree, stand for a while and try to capture not only its beauty and goodness but also the romance that it holds within.

The Parijat or The Prajakta Flower

September 16, 2009

Whacked Out!!! Adrenalin Levels Up!!! (Post 11)

Action And Adventure!!

As I have mentioned before I love adventure, I am an adventurous person by heart. I always had that fascination towards adventure sports. 

River Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Para Gliding, Trekking, Safaries, and Road Trips I just love them. I also like traveling and exploring places. I would love to become a traveler. 

I think because I love thrill and I am a little sporty I am all into this adventure stuff. Well haven’t tried anyone of these sports but it is my dream to try all of this, and I am sure it will come true one day.
Below are small screenshots of all those adventure sports I love.

River Water Rafting 
Bunjee Jumping
 Para Gliding
 Adventure Safari 

All you guys have an adventurous life ahead. Hav Fun..experience the thrill.

Some others forms of Adventure sports are listed below with a snapshot of each.


 Bike Expeditions

September 14, 2009

"Insomniac" (Post 10)


 “Insomniac” I like that word, I don’t know why? It happens to me sometimes that I am not able to sleep at night. Don’t know what I am thinking about, but there are constant thoughts in my mind. I just keep gazing out of the window, or look at the fan rotating above. The look outside the window is a little haunting with a tall tree, a street lamp which goes on and off and the lonely moon which I can see through the leaves of that tall tree.

When I look at the moon I feel as if it wants to tell me that you’re not the only person who’s feels lonely. The silent moon gives me company till my tired eyelids hug each other and I fall asleep.

I am thankful that it just happens sometimes with me, or else it wouldn’t take much time for me to turn into an “Insomniac”.

 The lonely moon and the haunting sky.

Do you get proper sleep in the night?? I hope your answers a yes!! Well try an take good rest at night.

Gd Nyt!!Sleep Well..

The Bus Ticket (Post 9)

Just another evening some 3 days back I was coming home from work. I travel by train and bus both. I was in the train listening to music, I always do that when I travel otherwise its just boring, I feel. I got down at my station and it was now time for me to board the bus I traveled everyday back home. The bus was parked at the bus stop and it looked like it was overcrowded with people. I still had no other option but to board the bus. Everybody in the bus looked so tired and just waiting for the bus to start. 

It was 25 minutes the bus driver was not on the scene. The people in the bus were just going crazy with the heat and sweat. At last the driver arrived and the bus was in gear. Ahh what a relief. Normally it takes me 12 minutes to reach home, but that day it took me 30 minutes..Gosh what traffic.. the bus ride was tiring. 

There was a lady sitting next to where I was standing in the bus. She told me that she wanted to get down at her bus stop, and I could see that she was 7 months pregnant and she needed help. The entrance of the bus was completely packed with people and I couldn’t move even an inch. I shouted out to the people that this lady needs help, please give her way to board out of the bus. The thing was that I was coming in her way, she couldn’t board out of the bus, because I was blocking her way. I said to myself if I don’t get down she wont be able to board down from the bus. My bus stop was 2 bustops away. That lady was carrying a heavy bag with her, which had fruits in them. I took that bag from her, held her hand and helped her get down the bus. She smiled and thanked me. I told her to take care, waved her good bye and was on my way back home.

The next day in the evening I saw the same lady at the bus stop and we boarded the same bus again. She bought me the bus ticket. I told her you didn’t have to do this. She did that to return thanks, but I didn’t expect that because I had already received her thanks when she smiled at me. 

It satisfies me a lot when I help somebody who really needs help. You should have seen the expression on her face when I helped her get down that crowded bus, she felt so relieved. It made me happy, to see that smile on her face. 

Thanks for Reading, m sure you all will help somebody when they really need help!! :) 

September 10, 2009

The Rollercoaster Ride!! (Post 8)

With ups and down..highs and lows I enjoy the rollercoaster ride! I laugh, cry, shout my lungs out, feel numb, the adrenalin level shoots up and sometimes its less than the normal, the heartbeat increase as never before, my heart bleeds with excruciating pain, I feel m gonna die, but somhow I manage to hang on and enjoy the ride.

I am a person who loves adventure.. there’s adventure everywhere..all around me. Wonder what rollercoaster I am talking about.. it’s the rollercoaster of “LIFE”. I enjoy traveling every bit on it, whether I feel good or bad, it teaches me to hang on to that seat and never let go. This is what I have learnt from it.. aint that a wonderful lesson. 

“Never let go” jus three words but they mean a lot. Hope you learn to enjoy ur ride too..the one's who experience it for the first time will feel a bit whacked out n scared.. but there’s no other fun than enjoyin the rollercoaster of life.

In the beginning I closed my eyes and hung on to the seat scared to death. I didn't open my eyes until I knew that when I close my eyes I am losing on the fun,excitement and the thrill I can enjoy with my eyes open. Slowly slowly I learnt to enjoy the roller coaster with my eyes open..and believe me the view from the top of the coaster scares the shit out of you..n is more whacked out when you come down with lightening speed!!Ohh i miss that so much jus feel like enjoyin the coaster ride as I am writing this post.

I have enjoyed the real rollercoaster ride just once in my life till now, when I gave a visit to the fun park!! I can still remember I sat 12 times in it. The count will tell you how crazy I am for rollercoaster’s.
HAv FuN on ur coaster!! and don’t close ur eyes, its more fun whn they are wide open.

September 09, 2009

Hey That's Me!! I just found maself!!! (Post 7)

Wonder what "Prajakta" means??? That's my name of course but Its actually a name of a 
flower, the one in the pic above. 

A small white flower with a deep orange short stem and 
it also smells beautiful. 

I was just surfing the internet and happened to type my own name 
in the Google Search Bar accidentally. I clicked on the images link..n Just found maself!! 
Yippeee!!!I mean the pic. 

It is not a rare flower, but its a bit difficult to find this one.
While finding info abt this flower I found out that this flower is also called the Night Jasmine or Star Jasmine!!! Thats a surprise for me coz I didnt know that this flower belongs to the jasmine family!! That's the reason I guess it smell's amazing!!!!

Well I am happy that I found out

Thanks for reading!! Hav a Lovly Day Ahead!! :)

A small white flower with a deep orange center and stem. Love the way it looks and smells. :)

September 08, 2009

What I Love Doing the Most..(Post 6)

 There are many things I like to do in my free time. Well the thing is I get bored easily & I hate getting bored. So to avoid getting bored I have to think of doing something. Now that can involve a lot of things. My most favorite one is listening to music. I can listen to music till my head starts paining!! Really. Music is in ma blood, can’t help it. 

Another is Sing to myself. I also like to bug my little sister and brother by singing the same song again & again the whole day and that too the song that they hate the most, jus love doing that.

I like to listen to hip-hop sometimes I jus enque all the hip-hop songs on my system and dance lik no ones watchin can also try that out,its a great way to workout.

I hate watching the daily soaps on the television I would rather watch news all day long..jus to keep maself updated by knowing whats happening around the world. Now this might sound a bit weird coz I knw not many ppl do this but I like watching Discovery Channel & National Geographic a lot. Love to know about animal life..amazing facts about science and technology..those beautiful places that I hav never seen before..and basically loads of knowledge.

I also like to write in jus share thoughts that crawl my mind..I feel refreshed when I do that..!!
But the best thing I would love to do apart from all these things which I do jus to pass the time would be to be the reason behind somone’s smile. 

Thanks for reading!! Keep posting ur comments!! tc :]]

September 07, 2009

Phew..!! A Busy Weekend!! (Post 5)

Well when we think of a weekend it is always lazing around with the morning tea, reading the newspaper, and relaxing yourself from the tiring week that you have gone through. This was what I thought I would do this weekend as always but to my surprise it was something else.

 Mother and sister had to go out for two days and brother and I had to stay back at home which means I had to do all the chores that mom did everyday. Well it actually excites me to live all by my own..its an adventure I guess..I always find that little fun in doing things my own way. So I had to take care of preparing the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also doing the dishes and clothes. I have no idea how the time just went by so quickly, these two days were super fast or did the earth just rotate a bit faster??? Because it was time for my mom to return home. 

I wonder how she manages to handle all the household chores, because it’s not an easy task..I must tell you and also wonder where does she get all the energy from to do so many chores . My mom never gets any day off from all the household work. Everyday she’s up early in the morning and works round the clock till night. Hats off to all the mothers. Well I need to take a nap now..feeling a bit tired..cya later..enjoy ur week..And Thanks for Reading..!! Feel free to post your helps me improve. Bye now. 

But the thing is I had to do the house work,and be creative.

September 04, 2009

Someone!! (Post 4)

Someone who’s there to tell you how to tie your shoe lace if u cant! Somone who knows that ur not wrong..when everybody says that u r..!! Someone who gives you a shoulder when you cry..and also give u a kick whn u really need one..!! Someone wit whom you can share ur whole world!! Someone who knows all ur secrets, its actually a person whom you think u don’t need to keep any secrets. 

Someone who laughs when u laugh..and wipe ur tears whn u cry. Somone who doesn’t mind paying the bill at the hotel whn u don’t hav a penny in ur pocket, Somone who thinks of you for the first time when ur screwed up!!Somone you go to hangout with almost every day..enjoy movies, drinks and parties..!! Somone who doesn’t mind lending u a litle money whn u need it the most. 

Someone who can also screw u up at ur head..make u angry, torture you with bad humour..ugly comments..bad words..n evn some slaps..n some punches here n there..Somone who says sorry when they feel they should. Somone with whom you have a wonderful time..laughing till ur stomach pains..teasing..fighting..evn crying sometimes!! Someone with whom ur just yourself, the way u are!!

Must b wondering who this someone is??? Any Guesses??? Its your Best Friend..
Never loose em!!

Thanks For Reading!!Lemme know ur comments!! Take Care