October 02, 2010

Just love what I felt.

Its been long since I gave a visit to my elder sister, got to busy with work and that was also the reason why I couldn't blog for so many months. But now I am sure I will find out time for both from now. I am here at her place, chatting with her, enjoying the food  that she makes and just having some fun.

Its a nice place to stay, where you can see the sun drown in the ocean. laugh. she stays near a dock, I can see the ocean outside the window, its beautiful. In the ocean I can see container carrier ships and on the dock war ship are build. Well I never have seen warships being build ever in my life.

In the evening it was I guess half past 7 and I happened to just stand near the window, I felt something that I hadn't felt for a long time. Can you guess what it was? It was the cold breeze! When the cold breeze touched my face, I felt amazing. Felt like I have nothing to worry about, for a moment I was relaxed and relieved from the busy city life, it was so soothing as if the wind said to me "its enough now take some rest dear". You know sometimes you just get carried away with your daily routine, you just stop enjoying and observing things that give you joy. I thought its like its been ages I have felt that cold breeze on my face.

Just thought of writing about it. So that you too just remove some time for yourself. Just sit back take a deep breathe, close your eyes, just think about yourself, think about what you have been missing in these days. There are so many things I miss like watching a nice movie, I love watching documentaries, a walk on the beach, feeling that sand and water under your feet, spending some nice warm time with your relatives.

I just feel there's so much to do and we end up spending our whole life just running behind things.

Be a good human, learn a new thing everyday, visit a place you have never seen before, learn an art that you know nothing about. You will feel nice, do some thing that you have never tried earlier (in good terms).

Discover and explore life.

Hope you do some thing you have never done before and may you enjoy things that you have been missing for a long time. Live Happy :)


  1. now miss mumbai is having a good time haa? great.. keep loving ya life... it helps!

  2. @ farhan well..i am learning to...hehe :)