October 09, 2011


Took this picture while returning home from work, these clouds made me feel so relaxed after such a busy day at work. 

Not even the sky's the limit

I want to fly high.

* These photos are not taken from a professional camera, I wish to have one, will have it soon.
Take care all you beautiful people.
Have a peaceful day :)

October 02, 2011

Dreamy Eyes

I was browsing the internet for some images and came across this illustration of a girl. Looking at the image I thought of describing her.

She's a dreamer, look at those eyes they are full of dreams.
A soul strong on the surface but sometimes as fragile as a flower from within. 

A person who's lived her life with zest and yet is ready to live it with the right spirit. 
A mind which is full of thoughts, good bad & ugly. Her thoughts never stop, there's always something going on in her mind. 

The world seems like a mean place to her. Every day she wakes up, is a new beginning, everyday she takes a step toward fulfilling her dreams. 

There's a child in her who seeks all the love and attention from the near and dear one's. At times she feels lonely but that's just for a while. 
An adventurer and an explorer at heart. Life itself is an adventure for her.

The girl in the image is similar to the one I described, and I described a part of me.

Thanks for reading :) Hope you all have a great life ahead.

Do feel free to comment, if you feel. I love to read your comments :)

October 01, 2011

A trip to Goa :) * Business trip

Hiee All,

This time I will let the pictures do all the talking :)

You can click on the image to view the actual photograph

The beginning

On my way, to explore the unexplored! GOA :)

 The lush green beauty, so relaxing.

The  beautiful coconut trees

The Mandovi River

My Favorite Coconut Trees again, don't feel any other tree looks as beautiful as the coconut tree

Bom Jesus Basillica- A World Heritage Site

A beautiful church, never seen anything like it before! Truly a Piece of ART!

Se Cathedral

At the Calungute Beach

The evening sky, love the colors.



The Sky above and the water beneath



That's why I love this place :)

The journey lets me know more of me every time I travel

Feeling the sand beneath my feet

Good Bye Goa :)

*These pictures are not taken from a professional camera.

September 18, 2011

A journey called life

A poem dedicated to all the people facing life as it comes with a :) on their face 

It feels as if I have travelled miles,but my voyage has just begun
I believe I am walking the path that you've chosen for me
the one with stones pebbles mountain sand and rivers
Where i meet people of all kind good and bad
the path untravelled unexplored, the one thats waiting just for me
let me spread love that dwells within me for better
let me stand up and face my fears
years gone by and cold winters have i seen,
its alrite if there are more, 
lined up for me!
I will  keep goin on until the end,
coz one thing I treasure is my faith and strength
Every morning I wake up seems like I have travelled miles,
but the truth is my voyage has just begun!

Prajakta Mali :)

September 06, 2011

Life's on a new high!

Hiee..Guys Long time, I know sometimes you are just in your own world and you just disappear like the moon behind the clouds. So was I, but I am back, it feels great, awesome, cant describe it. Life's on a new high, seems like I have just come out of my shell, waiting to discover everything. Life is such a big mystery, its a gift. I feel like I have the whole world to conquer, hehe just kidding but no wait I do feel that. :) Well just I am off for now, will blog when I have something good to share, till then you take care..chao :) luv life..you just have one and its pretty short to do so many things!!

December 23, 2010


Hiee..hope everyone's doing well. Isn't there something special about this month, I don't know why but I like it, maybe coz I love winters!!! There's joy everywhere and also maybe coz its Christmas time, happiness and joy everywhere, celebrating christmas and I also like the chill in the air. I want to spend this time with my friends. Hope I have loads of fun..dis month..! I guess I will. Njoy and take care..feel the joy in the air...Merry Chrismas..!! Have a lovely time this winter. :))

December 16, 2010


He knocked the door and called out chai, I said yes I ordered tea, he had innocent eyes and his age would be roughly 12. I looked at him gave him a smile, asked him what his name was and he said Durga Prasad. He kept the cup of tea on the table and went back to his canteen. A small boy like him would be playing outdoors with his friends, or completing his school home work, watching cartoons on the television, but he was working that afternoon. I had so many things popping up in my mind the moment he left our office cabin.

I like calling him "CHOTU" I feel it suits him more than his real name. He smiles when I call him Chotu. This merely 12 year old has to work the whole day to earn some money for himself and yet he is happy with the way things are in his life. Yes I know children below the age of 14 shouldn't be working but its a mean world out there.

Every time I see this boy it makes me feel, even if he is not doing things which he should be doing at this age, doesn't make him feel low, he always has that innocent smile on his face. When I look at him, I remember myself cribbing about things that I don't have. But now I don't, I feel content and happy!

There are endless things we crib about,situations that we want ourselves to be in. But this small boy has taught me something that really is so important, he doesn't even know he's done that, but yes he has. A person cannot be happy without being content. A beautiful thing learnt.


Brrrr....I feel that cold shiver down my spine..actually the whole body is shivering! I wonder when was the last time I felt really cold, umm I guess when I was very small, remember going to school wearing that sweater! Love the winters..! I am sure you must be enjoying the winters as much as I am. The hot tea and the evening snacks..ahh I love it. But when the temperature drops less than 6 degrees it wont be fun then. I remember when I was in school I had a lesson in geography The Tundra Region, where the temperature is way below zero. One tough place to survive.. :-/ Well life is tough no matter what..but living it with all the zest and spirit is what matters. Alrite I am enjoying my winter..hope u too enjoy..take care!!!

November 08, 2010

My Playlist

hiee guys..hws everybdy doin??

Thought of just posting ma playlist

on ma blog..music is a real healer

it jus pepps me up..!!!

A real stress buster!!

u can try it too..

enjoy listenin :))

Name of Song
Pussycat Dolls
I Don’t care
Waiting for the end
Linkin Park
Sum 41
Meet me against the music
Britney feat madonna
Home coming
Kanye West
Round & Round
Selena Gomez
Kanye West
Give it up to me
Sean Paul feat keshya cole
Naughty Girl
Pon de replay
Leona Lewis
While my guitar gently weeps
Remember the name
Fort Minor
For the first time
The Script
All the right moves
One Republic
21 guns
Green day
Nelly Furtado
Move ya body
Nina Sky
Teenage dream
Katy Perry
Justin Timberlake
Rock your body
Justin Timberlake
Baby I like it
No Air
Jordan Sparks
All Rise
As long as you love me
Bleeding Love
Leona Lewis
Burn it up
Cry me a river
Justin Timberlake
Be with you
Do you know
From the inside
Linkin Park
Gennie in a bottle
Christina Aguilera
I know you want me
Calle Ocho
I like to move it
I tried
I wanna love you
I want it that way
m a slave for you
in pieces
Linkin Park
in the end
Linkin Park
its my life
Bon Jovi
Jay sean
Woofer Test mix
leave out all the rest
Linkin Park
Let the music play
Lets work it out
Like I love you
Justin Timberlake
Linkin Park
Linkin Park
you make me wanna call you
you belong with me
Taylor swift
party starter
will smith
when you say nothing at all
ronan keating
what I have done
Linkin Park
what goes around comes around
Justin Timberlake
tear drops on my guitar
Taylor swift
somewhere I belong
Linkin Park
smack that
she be the one
hips don’t lie
sexy chick
so fine
sean paul
rock this party
bob sinclair
right now
ridin solo
jason darulo
quit playing games
one love
numb encore
Linkin Park
bye bye bye
no more sorrow
Linkin Park
tearing up my heart
Taylor swift
turn off the lights
Nelly Furtado
tell me
p diddy feat christina
waka waka
we'll be alright
travis mccoy
no love
eminem ft lil wayne
please don’t stop the music
stereo lover
edward maya ft vicki jigulina
you smiled
justin bieber
just a dream
don’t cha
the pussycat dolls
party people
nelly ft fergie
rude boy
break your heart
tao cruz
butterfly fly away
miley cyrus
Taylor swift
party in the usa
miley cyrus
cant be tamed
miley cyrus
Taylor swift
eenie meenie
justin bieber
club cant handle me
flo rida  ft david guetta
green day
21 guns
coming home
Kanye West
I am only mw whn I am with u
Taylor swift
in my head
jason darulo
jay sean ft nicki minaj
tik tok
the catalyst
Linkin Park
love the way u lie
me against the music
madonna n spears
not afraid
one less lonely girl
justin bieber
run this town
rihanna ft jay z
te amo
that should be me
justin bieber
the climb
miley cyrus
the way I are
carry out
timbaland ft justin timberlake
written in the stars
tinie tempah ft eric turner
black eyed peas
like a g6
far east movement ft cataracs
pump it
black eyed peas
rise up
yves larock
tokyo drift
teriyaki boyz
World hold on
craig david ft bob sinclair
baby bash feat t pain
Fired up
mc hush
sexy lady
sean paul