October 02, 2011

Dreamy Eyes

I was browsing the internet for some images and came across this illustration of a girl. Looking at the image I thought of describing her.

She's a dreamer, look at those eyes they are full of dreams.
A soul strong on the surface but sometimes as fragile as a flower from within. 

A person who's lived her life with zest and yet is ready to live it with the right spirit. 
A mind which is full of thoughts, good bad & ugly. Her thoughts never stop, there's always something going on in her mind. 

The world seems like a mean place to her. Every day she wakes up, is a new beginning, everyday she takes a step toward fulfilling her dreams. 

There's a child in her who seeks all the love and attention from the near and dear one's. At times she feels lonely but that's just for a while. 
An adventurer and an explorer at heart. Life itself is an adventure for her.

The girl in the image is similar to the one I described, and I described a part of me.

Thanks for reading :) Hope you all have a great life ahead.

Do feel free to comment, if you feel. I love to read your comments :)

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