September 16, 2009

Whacked Out!!! Adrenalin Levels Up!!! (Post 11)

Action And Adventure!!

As I have mentioned before I love adventure, I am an adventurous person by heart. I always had that fascination towards adventure sports. 

River Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Para Gliding, Trekking, Safaries, and Road Trips I just love them. I also like traveling and exploring places. I would love to become a traveler. 

I think because I love thrill and I am a little sporty I am all into this adventure stuff. Well haven’t tried anyone of these sports but it is my dream to try all of this, and I am sure it will come true one day.
Below are small screenshots of all those adventure sports I love.

River Water Rafting 
Bunjee Jumping
 Para Gliding
 Adventure Safari 

All you guys have an adventurous life ahead. Hav Fun..experience the thrill.

Some others forms of Adventure sports are listed below with a snapshot of each.


 Bike Expeditions

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