September 18, 2011

A journey called life

A poem dedicated to all the people facing life as it comes with a :) on their face 

It feels as if I have travelled miles,but my voyage has just begun
I believe I am walking the path that you've chosen for me
the one with stones pebbles mountain sand and rivers
Where i meet people of all kind good and bad
the path untravelled unexplored, the one thats waiting just for me
let me spread love that dwells within me for better
let me stand up and face my fears
years gone by and cold winters have i seen,
its alrite if there are more, 
lined up for me!
I will  keep goin on until the end,
coz one thing I treasure is my faith and strength
Every morning I wake up seems like I have travelled miles,
but the truth is my voyage has just begun!

Prajakta Mali :)

September 06, 2011

Life's on a new high!

Hiee..Guys Long time, I know sometimes you are just in your own world and you just disappear like the moon behind the clouds. So was I, but I am back, it feels great, awesome, cant describe it. Life's on a new high, seems like I have just come out of my shell, waiting to discover everything. Life is such a big mystery, its a gift. I feel like I have the whole world to conquer, hehe just kidding but no wait I do feel that. :) Well just I am off for now, will blog when I have something good to share, till then you take care..chao :) luv just have one and its pretty short to do so many things!!