August 10, 2009

D Dayzz I Remember D Most I (Post 1)

Hiee everybody this is Prajakta Mali. I am writing my first blog. Just thought of sharing some thoughts and feelings which always run across my mind whenever I think of my School. I am writing this blog because I wanted to thank someone. It’s not a person but many people I want to thank and all these people are my teacher’s. My pre-primary, primary and secondary teachers thank you for all that you have done .I dedicate this blog to them and my A.I.M.S Batch 2003.

I have named this blog as Dayzz I Remember the Most and I am sure everybody must be remembering these days and must be feeling like they should come back to school once again because they miss school life a lot.

I still remember the first day of school. It was scaring, staying at a place where you know nobody. The school bench, the books, the school bag, the water-bottle, the tiffin box, the playground behind the school, the school bell, the chalk dust, all these things are still fresh in my mind as if it was just yesterday. It was a place called “School’ were I was and I had to learn some of the most important lesson of my life here beginning with A,B,C..

“Learning” is a process that never stops, I am not in school rite now but this process has still not come to an end. This is what my school taught me “Learning never ends”.

Science , Math’s ,History, Geography, Languages, Drawing, Craft, Sports, Extra Curricular Activities, so much to do and just one soul. I loved school, those six hours were so tiring but we still had that energy to go out and play even after we came home from school and also complete our homework.

There was the school assembly which was almost half an hour and our body ached standing in the assembly carrying that school bag which was like 5 kilos in weight, the beginning of our day and we use to feel when the day in school will come to an end. The school bell, the talks between the lectures, the laughs, the giggles, the jokes, the comments, the mass bunk, the red remark in the calendar, the punishment, the teases, the favorite games period, and the most favorite Value Education period where almost every child completed their books or their previous days homework, the p.t period where we had to do yoga and meditation even if we hated it the most, the fish pond, the school picnic, the paper balls and chalks which we use to throw at each other  and then clean up the whole classroom as it looked no more like a classroom but a dustbin. The school mirror in which every student had to look into and see if their properly dressed, frankly speaking no one bothered how well dressed they are just concerned about one thing may it be a girl or a boy, whether their hair is alright or whether they look fine or not. I miss all this so much and I am sure you too miss it a lot.

Ohh School was so much fun! Fun but with discipline. We don’t understand the meaning of being in discipline when we are in school but once we step in this world where we need to survive on our own we understand how important it is to know everything that we learnt being in school. I remember my teachers telling all the students that you wont understand this rite now, but you will someday and you will thank us and that’s what I am doing now.

You must have remembered all those wonderful moments you have had in school while reading this. I know it was difficult for some of them but even they had fun, didn’t they? Some of them must be saying “Nai yar hum logon se kabhi padhai hui hi nahi”..agreed but you cant deny one thing and that is you have had fun when you went through this phase of your life which is called as School Life.

Well they are the most precious days of my life I treasure them and whenever all we school friends meet up we talk about all the fun we had in school, the incidents that happened, we talk about all the teachers that we had who taught us, they were all unique. Everybody had their own style of teaching. Some were funny, some arrogant, some who didn’t even speak English well, some who taught us very well, some who were very boring while they taught who ever they were however they were they were our teachers. You all must be doing the same I suppose.

Well there’s an end to everything and so is the blog going to end now. I hope I managed to take you back in time!!! Please excuse my writing because I am doing it for the first time. A kind request to all you people reading this never ignore your teachers when you see them walking down the street just greet them and thank them for what they have done and just see how happy they feel about this..alright alright enough from me now, I don’t want to take much of your time , Thank you  for reading my first blog please let me know if I made any mistakes.. all your comments are welcomed whether good or bad, because it will only encourage me to improve more, Take care all of you!! Enjoy n have fun!!! cya soon..coz I am going to write my next blog soon.

                                                                                                                        Prajakta Mali


  1. It was Really Grt Thought,and i appreciate that there is someone who has started the initiative of bringing back the memories,the feeling express by you is really a fact which each and person feels who is bonded with these memories.......good verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry goood

  2. Thanks a lot for ur comment!!!i really appreciate it.. :)

  3. The blog is quite nostalgic....all the memories of my school flashed before me....good attempt...looking fwd for more :)

  4. Gr8 job Prajakta!Hope it wont stop here . kEEP WRITING more was a really good thought to start with.....i really appreciate.keep it up.TC

  5. This is the best bog I hav ever seen in ma life abt our scool life
    I liked it a lot
    Keee writing it Praju
    U really made me remember those days i feel like crying now coz y i got bigger so soon
    I wanan go to schhol again now

    Keep siling always
    God Bless You my dear friend

  6. Aditya,Aarti,Bunty & Harsh Thanks a Ton fr ur comments!!Yes I am gonna write more..!! tc :)

  7. Its really nice.The thoughts u shared about your school life is the same as mine n u made me remember all d sweet memories n fun i had in school so keep it up!

  8. That is a great Story and is similar as mine.... but u should have also mentioned about ur parents and some important people of our life whom we call as Friends.... do add some stuff about them as well.. I Loved it Take Care... cYa

  9. hey prajakta,u really did take me back in tym wid dis blog..remembered quite a few memories goin thru it..thanks 4 writing it & keep up the gud work!! :)

  10. Thanks a lot Guys..My purpose of writing the blog was to take you all back in time..n make u smile whn u remember dos days..n I feel I have done it after readin all ur comments!!
    Thanks a Ton who all took d pains to post d comments..really appreciate it.. :)TaKe CaRe

  11. well a good narration....the way u have just reminded me my school lazy i was....gud....congrates for of luck for other ones......go on ahead....

  12. while reading ur blog i was feeling tht i am back in school days......seriously ur blog is superb n absolutely i am waiting 4r ur next blog ........

  13. few things could make us miss school. Ur blog is now the newest addition..really a great piece of writing...and the one to be treasured. thanx a lot for it...and keep writing.waiting for ur