October 04, 2010

You can talk to me..

I always had this thought if I could have some body with whom I could always talk my heart out, anything , anytime, any place. Don't you think you had some one like that?? Some times I feel so frustrated I just want an ear that could listen to what I had to say. I would call up my friends but some times even they are not around.

I just wish I had a small pup that could respond to what I had to say, I know it sounds very weird but that's what I always wanted. laugh. What If I had one, wouldn't it be awesome, I could share everything with it, the good, bad, ugly..everything. He'd always be there for me, anytime, to listen to me. Well m glad some of you  have pets. They do respond to you, but not completely rite??? What if you had one that could talk back to you. Sounds great isn't it???? Well I wish they could. Its just a fantasy I have.

But I would like to be an ear to you, you could drop me a mail if you really feel there's no one to listen to you. I will be your ear. :)


  1. I stumbled upon your blog while googling something. I must say 'A Nice and well written blog'

  2. @ajay Thankyou for the appreciation, hope you follow my blog. Hav a beautiful day ahead!

    @farhan thank you!!!

  3. hey!
    lots of feelings in this post!