March 27, 2010

I feel that heat , Do you?

Do you guys feel that heat all around you? Its just ten in the morning and feels like its 12'o noon. Gosh!! this temperature's just rising day by day, year by year. I hear in the news that the glaciers are melting and the Global Temperature increasing, it actually scares me sometimes of what will happen ahead in the years to come.

Global Warming another issue which needs immediate attention along with so many others. There's so much happening all around, scarcity of water, the natural resources being used up, trees being chopped down, so many species of animals and birds going extinct every year and now its the national animal we talk about, also the level of harmful gases in the atmosphere increasing, the ozone layer depleting.

Man alone is responsible for all that is happening around. If we don't look into these issues now I guess it will be too late then. There is still time, we can do a lot if we want to like using the natural resources to a limit. Avoid wastage of water, use of CFL lights that consume less electricity, Planting more trees in your surroundings. "Conservation" is what is required.

I hope we all understand the importance of this before its too late.

March 19, 2010

The Unseen Friend!!

For the first time ever in my life I wrote a poem..Its actually a dedication, n m sure the person whom it is dedicated to knows it...hope you all like reading it..
The Unseen friend is about a friend whom I have never met till now..but we share the best friendship anyone can! Sometimes distance doesn't make any difference!! M sure you also must be having friends who don't live in your own state..or maybe not even your own country!! Don't you think its fantastic on how two people can share an amazing bond called friendship..when they haven't even met once!!

Please do comment..i love it when you do..good or bad!!! All's welcome..!!!Take care..n do keep in touch with your friends..near or far they are the only friends you have.

The Unseen Friend!!

The day I met you
it was just another friend,
A beginning of a friendship
and it was just the perfect blend.

You would be there for me
at times when there was none,
You brought back to me
my smiles, my giggles & my fun.

I could share the deepest secrets that I had,
You cared like a mum & scolded like a dad.

Your talks so decent, pure & kind,
Even if you made fun of me
I really wouldn't mind.

In this lonely world, when there was
no reason to cheer,
You stood by me, to help me overcome
my greatest fear.

I will be there for you, just as you did
That's why they say "A friend in need is a friend indeed"

Miles away, yet you seem so close,
This time I had selected the right path I suppose.

One Thing I must tell you that your one heck of a friend,
And hope our friendship never comes to an end.

M Back!!!!!

mHiee everyone..hope you all are doin great..I know, I know I was away for a while..but I am back now..!!! Well to tell yall m a bit moody..i guess everyone is a bit..n was not able to blog..been busy with work but I dnt wanna give you excuses..jus be in touch u guys..i like it...n I definately will..take care til then..hav fun :) n keep readin..all your comment are most lets me knw wat I am good at n where I need to improve!!! thanks o lot!!! cheers.. :)