September 30, 2010

The thrill ride at 8am!!

What happened today was a little unusual. I boarded a bus to reach my work place and damn the bus driver was driving so rash. He drove the bus as if he owned the road. People in the bus who were seated were all fine, but I felt pity for the one's standing. They were completely dangling from one end to another and I was one of them. laugh.

Just wondered that the driver must have had a big fight with his wife last night, or another  good thing to say was he should have been an airplane pilot. The rash driving really made me feel what it would feel to be traveling in an airplane.

The ride was a rough one but I don't know I still felt happy. I felt am all geared up to face the day with a smile having such a rough ride in the morning.

But it really shouldn't be that way. I really feel he must have exceeded the speed limits and that's a matter of concern. What if he happened to hit a car, or a person crossing the road, why was he in so much hurry. All these questions were popping up in my mind when I was in the bus.

So many people die every year due to rash driving. Do they forget they have some one who's waiting all day for them to come home.

Drive safely people. You never know what comes your way right???? Happy Driving!! But Safely. TAKE CARE.. :)

The Stranger

Ahh just couldn't bear that afternoon heat, I was returning home from work, walking on the railway station bridge thinking whether I'll be able to catch the next coming train or not. There was the train on the platform and up I was on the bridge. Down I came rushing and boarded the train, But the next thought on my mind was will I get a seat to sit? I searched for a seat to settle down but hard luck couldn't find one, but just when I was loosing hope that I would have to stand the whole way back home in the train I found one. I felt relieved. The person next to me was an old lady, I looked at her and she smiled at me, I smiled back. I really feel nice when a stranger smiles back don't know why but I feel good. After a while she noticed I had a red umbrella which I always carry to cut the heat, she said that it was very pretty, I smiled again. She began talking to me then. She told me where she lived, that she was a teacher, she was 74 years of age and that she was going back home after visiting her nephew. We both were sharing small details about our lives. It was a pleasant chat.

I have a lot of respect for elder people, don't know why some people just don't respect them. I love to talk to them, take advice from them. They have so much to talk about, share their experiences, you can learn so much from them. I guess I like to talk to them because I had never had grandparents living with me, they passed away when I was very young, I miss them. Let their souls rest in peace. But I really wish I had an elderly person to talk my heart out. Sometimes  there's so much I want to say but there's no body to listen.

All the elderly strangers I have met in my life so far, were all very good to talk to. Once I was with my friends just having a chat and we happened to talk about old people. I happened to tell them that I like talking to them. They laughed at me saying "you like to talk to oldies". I said they don't become useless after they become old, why do people think like that. I hate people who don't respect elder people.

Alright back to where I was, we got down at the same station. I waved her good bye and told her to take care. I couldn't believe the fact that she was 74 but still so young at heart. She said nice meeting you girl. I smiled again. It seemed like she had so many things to say and that I was just the right person to talk to at that moment. I wish I meet her again. :)

That's all that happened yesterday. Take care u all.. And respect all your elders. Have a beautiful day ahead.

September 28, 2010

Life is at its best!

Hey guys have you ever felt that you don't need a reason to smile, well I do. When the smallest things in the world make you happy like the early bird singing on the tree, kids going to school early in the morning I remember my school days every time I see them, or a stranger giving you a smile when your just about to start your day. Life's all about finding joy and I find joy in the smallest things.

Every day I wake up, I just feel I have so much to learn about myself as if I don't know myself even a bit, and also the people around me. The rising sun tells me to rise and shine with a bright smile on my face. The birds chirping on the trees make me feel happy from within. Throughout the day I wanna give my best in whatever I do and when I rest at night I thank God for everything that he gave me and for what I am today.

Back after a long time!!

Gosh I always use to wonder how people say "life's got busy". I use to feel how can they not take out time for things they love to do like shopping, movies, parties but now I realize sometimes life does get busy and to just tend to forget things for a while.
(in my case blog, hangout with friends, read a lot of stuff, spend time with family)

Like I forgot to blog, well you have got no idea how much I miss blogging. I love it, its a stress buster for me and I am feeling damn good while I am writing this post.

Hope you guys don't get carried away with your work, take out some time for things you love
listen to music,
go out for an evening walk,
meet your friends,
spend time with your family,
read a new book,
go shopping,
watch a movie.

Do things that bring a smile on your face. Ahh I feel so good. :) I guess I was just lost but I am right back on track now :)