September 28, 2010

Life is at its best!

Hey guys have you ever felt that you don't need a reason to smile, well I do. When the smallest things in the world make you happy like the early bird singing on the tree, kids going to school early in the morning I remember my school days every time I see them, or a stranger giving you a smile when your just about to start your day. Life's all about finding joy and I find joy in the smallest things.

Every day I wake up, I just feel I have so much to learn about myself as if I don't know myself even a bit, and also the people around me. The rising sun tells me to rise and shine with a bright smile on my face. The birds chirping on the trees make me feel happy from within. Throughout the day I wanna give my best in whatever I do and when I rest at night I thank God for everything that he gave me and for what I am today.

I pray your life to be at its best. Keep living and loving. Peace :)

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