September 30, 2010

The Stranger

Ahh just couldn't bear that afternoon heat, I was returning home from work, walking on the railway station bridge thinking whether I'll be able to catch the next coming train or not. There was the train on the platform and up I was on the bridge. Down I came rushing and boarded the train, But the next thought on my mind was will I get a seat to sit? I searched for a seat to settle down but hard luck couldn't find one, but just when I was loosing hope that I would have to stand the whole way back home in the train I found one. I felt relieved. The person next to me was an old lady, I looked at her and she smiled at me, I smiled back. I really feel nice when a stranger smiles back don't know why but I feel good. After a while she noticed I had a red umbrella which I always carry to cut the heat, she said that it was very pretty, I smiled again. She began talking to me then. She told me where she lived, that she was a teacher, she was 74 years of age and that she was going back home after visiting her nephew. We both were sharing small details about our lives. It was a pleasant chat.

I have a lot of respect for elder people, don't know why some people just don't respect them. I love to talk to them, take advice from them. They have so much to talk about, share their experiences, you can learn so much from them. I guess I like to talk to them because I had never had grandparents living with me, they passed away when I was very young, I miss them. Let their souls rest in peace. But I really wish I had an elderly person to talk my heart out. Sometimes  there's so much I want to say but there's no body to listen.

All the elderly strangers I have met in my life so far, were all very good to talk to. Once I was with my friends just having a chat and we happened to talk about old people. I happened to tell them that I like talking to them. They laughed at me saying "you like to talk to oldies". I said they don't become useless after they become old, why do people think like that. I hate people who don't respect elder people.

Alright back to where I was, we got down at the same station. I waved her good bye and told her to take care. I couldn't believe the fact that she was 74 but still so young at heart. She said nice meeting you girl. I smiled again. It seemed like she had so many things to say and that I was just the right person to talk to at that moment. I wish I meet her again. :)

That's all that happened yesterday. Take care u all.. And respect all your elders. Have a beautiful day ahead.


  1. Dear Prajakta Mali,
    I found your blog for the first time today and have read the 3 most recent blogs and really enjoyed reading them. You are a bright and thoughtful young woman and have a very light spirit. I also like to talk to the elder people because I can learn so much from them. They have learned to weather the storms of life. I am 62 years old and would probably be an elder myself to you. I live in America, but love India. Have have been to India 7 times and when my health gets better again I would love to return more times. I like the way you write, how you observe small things that are of value, like the cold breeze on your face. You may feel free to write me and share any time you like. Where in India do you live? I have spent some little time in Delhi and Agra. Most of my time in India has been in Andhra Pradesh. I have so many wonderful friends there who are like family, like my children and grandchildren in India.
    Sherry Maamma

  2. @ sherri Thanks alot for appreciating me and following me, The 1st thing I did today when I logged in was to see if there were any visitors on ma blog and did they communicate with me. your comment made my day. :) I am 23yrs old and I live in Mumbai-Maharashtra-India. All these small things in life matter to me alot..they make up my life and that brings a smile on ma face. Just a beginner, I love to share..may be that's the reason I started writing.

    Wud love to hear from you..take care dear..and you too have a lovely day ahead :)