October 09, 2011


Took this picture while returning home from work, these clouds made me feel so relaxed after such a busy day at work. 

Not even the sky's the limit

I want to fly high.

* These photos are not taken from a professional camera, I wish to have one, will have it soon.
Take care all you beautiful people.
Have a peaceful day :)

October 02, 2011

Dreamy Eyes

I was browsing the internet for some images and came across this illustration of a girl. Looking at the image I thought of describing her.

She's a dreamer, look at those eyes they are full of dreams.
A soul strong on the surface but sometimes as fragile as a flower from within. 

A person who's lived her life with zest and yet is ready to live it with the right spirit. 
A mind which is full of thoughts, good bad & ugly. Her thoughts never stop, there's always something going on in her mind. 

The world seems like a mean place to her. Every day she wakes up, is a new beginning, everyday she takes a step toward fulfilling her dreams. 

There's a child in her who seeks all the love and attention from the near and dear one's. At times she feels lonely but that's just for a while. 
An adventurer and an explorer at heart. Life itself is an adventure for her.

The girl in the image is similar to the one I described, and I described a part of me.

Thanks for reading :) Hope you all have a great life ahead.

Do feel free to comment, if you feel. I love to read your comments :)

October 01, 2011

A trip to Goa :) * Business trip

Hiee All,

This time I will let the pictures do all the talking :)

You can click on the image to view the actual photograph

The beginning

On my way, to explore the unexplored! GOA :)

 The lush green beauty, so relaxing.

The  beautiful coconut trees

The Mandovi River

My Favorite Coconut Trees again, don't feel any other tree looks as beautiful as the coconut tree

Bom Jesus Basillica- A World Heritage Site

A beautiful church, never seen anything like it before! Truly a Piece of ART!

Se Cathedral

At the Calungute Beach

The evening sky, love the colors.



The Sky above and the water beneath



That's why I love this place :)

The journey lets me know more of me every time I travel

Feeling the sand beneath my feet

Good Bye Goa :)

*These pictures are not taken from a professional camera.