October 04, 2010


Ahh..I feel stressful a lot nowadays, and I am sure so does everyone..How do y'all de-stress??? Just read an article few days back in the news paper about de-stressing yourself. 

Well I take out my stress by exercising..but not too much. I dance..listen to music..ahh I feel like listening to music while I am writing this post. 

I wanna have a glass to fresh lime water, a walk on the beach will be perfect, basking in the early morning sun sounds absolutely awesome to me. I am wondering how people de-stress otherwise?? I would also read a book or even the newspaper, watch a good movie, a documentary will also do! 

Life's so busy and so have we become, but it is very important to get yourself some time. Well writing does de-stress me.. its the time when I feel relaxed and calm. I feel like doing aerobics and power yoga, also learn a new dance form like jazz.laugh. hmm..wanna have some lovely time for myself. I will go home and have some lone and quite time with myself, that too will help me to de-stress. 

Well its time for me to pack up now, for y'all to know I am in my office rite now, but just couldn't stop my self from blogging, i guess i wanted to de-stress.laugh. 

See you guys later..let me know how you de-stressed yourself, so I will try doing it next time. Have a lovely evening everyone!! :)

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