August 12, 2009

D Dayzz I Remember D Most II (Post 2)

Well in my first blog I spoke a lot about how me and all you people miss school, but now let me share how I felt as a child being in school, how was my mind reacting to the things happening around me. In this blog I am going to talk about myself, ofcourse  you will find incidents that relate to how you were in school.

School was great fun and an adventure too!!! I loved it when the school began after the summer vacations, the smell of the new books, the uniform, the pencil box stuffed with pencils and pens..n all the necessary and unnecessary things. It was time to go to the next grade and a new class teacher, I always had that excitement of which division I would go into and will I get a good class teacher same was the excitement with you I suppose. I was an average child in the beginning, learning a lot of things, so many that I felt my small brain wont be able to take that much knowledge and would busrt out one day! Trying to figure out why I am sent to this place everyday except the weekend for like six hours a day. My school was my second home. Waking up early and getting ready for school was how my day began and completing the school homework is how it came to an end.

My most favorite subject in school was Science and the least favorite was Math, I know people wont agree with me on this. It’s the other way round for most of them. Some don’t like science but love math. I was an active child in school, always attentive in class except the math period.. just kidding, a first bencher always, the padhaku types actually.

I was a lot involved into the extra curricular activities in the school like Singing, Dancing, Speech, Drawing, Science Projects, participating in almost all the competitions in the school. My fear for stage was gone when I was a child. I was a school vice captain of the blue house and also a class monitor several times. Ohh it was difficult managing the students because they never kept quite!! When there was no teacher in the class it was more like a fish market than a classroom, and I had to write names of the most talkative one’s and let the teacher know about them, this was very difficult cause I was friends with everybody so it was a war between friendship and the duty given to me!!

The best time I had fun in school was between the lectures or the off period’s that we got because the teacher was unavailable. It happened a lot of times that all the ten periods were free, because there was no teacher or the teacher had finished teaching their subject. Bas aur kya chahiye bacchon ko..pure das period dhamaal hi dhamaal!!!! The Games we played in the classroom were Antakshari which I felt was very boring, Fish Pond, which was interesting and the most favorite Truth or Dare which was simply amazing.

Our talks between the lectures or when we had an off period were interesting they were about the teachers, what’s going around in the school premises, which teacher is being partial with whom and last but not the least a little about boys coz I am the opposite sex and vice versa if it’s a boy I guess. The games period was the most awaited period of all and the one everybody enjoyed to the max. I still remember we use to keep a check on our time-table in the calendar to know which days we had the games period. Girls had their own games to play and boys had their own. We played dodge ball most of the times. I don’t know what boys did in their games period, but could see them running after each other through the school fence.

“Exams” this word created a lot of tension, not only for me but for everybody I guess. The unit tests were easy but the semester and the final were the one’s I worried about, as I was an attentive child in class I never wanted to flunk in any subject and spoil my impression so I prepared for my exams a lot before than studying at the last moment. Some students just opened their book like a day before the exam paper, the tension they had on their face while writing the paper was an expression not to be missed. And after we wrote the paper the discussions whether the answers were correct or wrong!! I wonder how I remember so much in detail and I hope I am able to put it across to you all in the best way possible.

The higher classes were more fun than ever, we were almost mature now to understand all possible things there were to be understood. The facts about the human body as we learnt science were amazing . As we were kids earlier and knew nothing about the so called stuff that you start to understand only when your in the higher grades. Well I don’t know how you guys will react to what I have just written above, but when you write about things you have to be clear about everything that you faced and that’s why I mentioned it coz that’s a fact, isn’t it? The class was more noisier now with students becoming more adamant and stubborn day by day or was it that they had just grown up.

Finally I was in standard ten now and thought that it was nine years I was in the school and just one more year to go and I will be a free bird then. No uniforms, no discipline to follow, no strict rules and no more school. Ofcourse everybody has that fascination of going to college, because its time to live your life your way. And Again the tension of the so called board exam crawled my mind. Just one exam more and I will be out of school to enter the college life where I will have to study even more than school. I felt sometimes its almost more than a quarter of our life we spend just learning stuff!! After I gave my exams and the result sheet in my hand I felt like I am the most happiest person in the world. I am sure you also must have felt that, some of them must have felt chalo jaan chooti school se!! And that was the end of my school life but a beginning of another..

Thanks for reading my blog. Take care all of you.

Prajakta Mali

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  1. Have to say...U were very fair to your blog.Where do you get ths penchant of even managing to jot down the last of the details??..its good.
    And boys used to play football which you call 'running arnd the fence'.
    Thumbs up for u...