September 14, 2009

"Insomniac" (Post 10)


 “Insomniac” I like that word, I don’t know why? It happens to me sometimes that I am not able to sleep at night. Don’t know what I am thinking about, but there are constant thoughts in my mind. I just keep gazing out of the window, or look at the fan rotating above. The look outside the window is a little haunting with a tall tree, a street lamp which goes on and off and the lonely moon which I can see through the leaves of that tall tree.

When I look at the moon I feel as if it wants to tell me that you’re not the only person who’s feels lonely. The silent moon gives me company till my tired eyelids hug each other and I fall asleep.

I am thankful that it just happens sometimes with me, or else it wouldn’t take much time for me to turn into an “Insomniac”.

 The lonely moon and the haunting sky.

Do you get proper sleep in the night?? I hope your answers a yes!! Well try an take good rest at night.

Gd Nyt!!Sleep Well..

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