September 14, 2009

The Bus Ticket (Post 9)

Just another evening some 3 days back I was coming home from work. I travel by train and bus both. I was in the train listening to music, I always do that when I travel otherwise its just boring, I feel. I got down at my station and it was now time for me to board the bus I traveled everyday back home. The bus was parked at the bus stop and it looked like it was overcrowded with people. I still had no other option but to board the bus. Everybody in the bus looked so tired and just waiting for the bus to start. 

It was 25 minutes the bus driver was not on the scene. The people in the bus were just going crazy with the heat and sweat. At last the driver arrived and the bus was in gear. Ahh what a relief. Normally it takes me 12 minutes to reach home, but that day it took me 30 minutes..Gosh what traffic.. the bus ride was tiring. 

There was a lady sitting next to where I was standing in the bus. She told me that she wanted to get down at her bus stop, and I could see that she was 7 months pregnant and she needed help. The entrance of the bus was completely packed with people and I couldn’t move even an inch. I shouted out to the people that this lady needs help, please give her way to board out of the bus. The thing was that I was coming in her way, she couldn’t board out of the bus, because I was blocking her way. I said to myself if I don’t get down she wont be able to board down from the bus. My bus stop was 2 bustops away. That lady was carrying a heavy bag with her, which had fruits in them. I took that bag from her, held her hand and helped her get down the bus. She smiled and thanked me. I told her to take care, waved her good bye and was on my way back home.

The next day in the evening I saw the same lady at the bus stop and we boarded the same bus again. She bought me the bus ticket. I told her you didn’t have to do this. She did that to return thanks, but I didn’t expect that because I had already received her thanks when she smiled at me. 

It satisfies me a lot when I help somebody who really needs help. You should have seen the expression on her face when I helped her get down that crowded bus, she felt so relieved. It made me happy, to see that smile on her face. 

Thanks for Reading, m sure you all will help somebody when they really need help!! :) 


  1. Great haan..we need more good samaritans like u.
    I m kinda bored of narrow n selfish outlook of most of the people. N in buses too,they dnt even get up to give seat to an elderly lady or who is wd a child. Forget illeterate people..even educated persons like us are party to such indifference. Avoid it. Make ur heart a little mellow..ok whatever, understand the point.
    N prajakta...ur voice is too shrill..n comical when u shout or scream.. tht gives a reason for others to smile... :D ..keep rockin

  2. Yes dats true Aziz..people are becoming selfish and rude day by day!! Wers all the humanity gone..I cant see any.. no body wants to smile without a reason,no body wants to help anybody without a reason..!!Everybody's jus busy thinking abt themselves,People jus live for themselves,It should be the other way round, Try living for others, ul enjoy life more!! Message-Please remember ur Humans for God sake, Dont Forget HUMANITY!!! Thank You!!

  3. Ma voice is shrill but not comical..!! :)