September 10, 2009

The Rollercoaster Ride!! (Post 8)

With ups and down..highs and lows I enjoy the rollercoaster ride! I laugh, cry, shout my lungs out, feel numb, the adrenalin level shoots up and sometimes its less than the normal, the heartbeat increase as never before, my heart bleeds with excruciating pain, I feel m gonna die, but somhow I manage to hang on and enjoy the ride.

I am a person who loves adventure.. there’s adventure everywhere..all around me. Wonder what rollercoaster I am talking about.. it’s the rollercoaster of “LIFE”. I enjoy traveling every bit on it, whether I feel good or bad, it teaches me to hang on to that seat and never let go. This is what I have learnt from it.. aint that a wonderful lesson. 

“Never let go” jus three words but they mean a lot. Hope you learn to enjoy ur ride too..the one's who experience it for the first time will feel a bit whacked out n scared.. but there’s no other fun than enjoyin the rollercoaster of life.

In the beginning I closed my eyes and hung on to the seat scared to death. I didn't open my eyes until I knew that when I close my eyes I am losing on the fun,excitement and the thrill I can enjoy with my eyes open. Slowly slowly I learnt to enjoy the roller coaster with my eyes open..and believe me the view from the top of the coaster scares the shit out of you..n is more whacked out when you come down with lightening speed!!Ohh i miss that so much jus feel like enjoyin the coaster ride as I am writing this post.

I have enjoyed the real rollercoaster ride just once in my life till now, when I gave a visit to the fun park!! I can still remember I sat 12 times in it. The count will tell you how crazy I am for rollercoaster’s.
HAv FuN on ur coaster!! and don’t close ur eyes, its more fun whn they are wide open.

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