September 09, 2009

Hey That's Me!! I just found maself!!! (Post 7)

Wonder what "Prajakta" means??? That's my name of course but Its actually a name of a 
flower, the one in the pic above. 

A small white flower with a deep orange short stem and 
it also smells beautiful. 

I was just surfing the internet and happened to type my own name 
in the Google Search Bar accidentally. I clicked on the images link..n Just found maself!! 
Yippeee!!!I mean the pic. 

It is not a rare flower, but its a bit difficult to find this one.
While finding info abt this flower I found out that this flower is also called the Night Jasmine or Star Jasmine!!! Thats a surprise for me coz I didnt know that this flower belongs to the jasmine family!! That's the reason I guess it smell's amazing!!!!

Well I am happy that I found out

Thanks for reading!! Hav a Lovly Day Ahead!! :)

A small white flower with a deep orange center and stem. Love the way it looks and smells. :)

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