September 07, 2009

Phew..!! A Busy Weekend!! (Post 5)

Well when we think of a weekend it is always lazing around with the morning tea, reading the newspaper, and relaxing yourself from the tiring week that you have gone through. This was what I thought I would do this weekend as always but to my surprise it was something else.

 Mother and sister had to go out for two days and brother and I had to stay back at home which means I had to do all the chores that mom did everyday. Well it actually excites me to live all by my own..its an adventure I guess..I always find that little fun in doing things my own way. So I had to take care of preparing the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also doing the dishes and clothes. I have no idea how the time just went by so quickly, these two days were super fast or did the earth just rotate a bit faster??? Because it was time for my mom to return home. 

I wonder how she manages to handle all the household chores, because it’s not an easy task..I must tell you and also wonder where does she get all the energy from to do so many chores . My mom never gets any day off from all the household work. Everyday she’s up early in the morning and works round the clock till night. Hats off to all the mothers. Well I need to take a nap now..feeling a bit tired..cya later..enjoy ur week..And Thanks for Reading..!! Feel free to post your helps me improve. Bye now. 

But the thing is I had to do the house work,and be creative.


  1. Weekends are boring for me.. Actually I love Monadays. :P Try to relax..relax doesnt only means nothing to do or just sit or lay alone..
    Well written..

  2. weekends r so busy for me dear I wish I could hav been thr with u to njoy

    But anyways we hav to work for bread n butter
    take care blees u

  3. Well somtimes my weekends are also tiring!! somtimes they are full of fun..somtimes boring..Hav a Happy Weekend Yall!!