September 04, 2009

Someone!! (Post 4)

Someone who’s there to tell you how to tie your shoe lace if u cant! Somone who knows that ur not wrong..when everybody says that u r..!! Someone who gives you a shoulder when you cry..and also give u a kick whn u really need one..!! Someone wit whom you can share ur whole world!! Someone who knows all ur secrets, its actually a person whom you think u don’t need to keep any secrets. 

Someone who laughs when u laugh..and wipe ur tears whn u cry. Somone who doesn’t mind paying the bill at the hotel whn u don’t hav a penny in ur pocket, Somone who thinks of you for the first time when ur screwed up!!Somone you go to hangout with almost every day..enjoy movies, drinks and parties..!! Somone who doesn’t mind lending u a litle money whn u need it the most. 

Someone who can also screw u up at ur head..make u angry, torture you with bad humour..ugly comments..bad words..n evn some slaps..n some punches here n there..Somone who says sorry when they feel they should. Somone with whom you have a wonderful time..laughing till ur stomach pains..teasing..fighting..evn crying sometimes!! Someone with whom ur just yourself, the way u are!!

Must b wondering who this someone is??? Any Guesses??? Its your Best Friend..
Never loose em!!

Thanks For Reading!!Lemme know ur comments!! Take Care

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  1. yup its true..never lose'em..treasure every frnd..