November 07, 2009

M I Addicted or is it the thirst to "Know"?

Jus abt some days ago I wondered what twitter is..coz I have been listening abt it on the news..frm I thought why not I open an acct..on twitter n explore it myself..wat twitter is all about. I am always ready for new things, I like changes. So I opened an acct on twitter to quench my thirst of anxiety and anxiousness. Such a vast medium of information,activities, much to do on the internet. Sometimes I feel am I crazy that I feel I should know all the small possible details about this www or its jus that I wanna do everything. I didn’t evn know wat blogging was, facebook n orkut I discovered them myself..its due to my thirst of knowledge that I discover abt things I don’t know. Gosh m so damn crazy, but I like being this way.

At first I thought it is such a stupid thing to do. Frankly speaking my first opinion about anything is always the incorrect one. I didn’t use twitter much. The same way I opened an account on flickr n later discovered that it is a networking website where u can display n organize all your photographs..that was not of much use to me..coz I don’t hav a not done photography anytime..but the images and photographs I saw on flickr were just amazing..they were a feast to my eyes..coz m an art lover.

One day when I had nothing much to do and was jus browsing the internet I happened to check my twitter account and explored a bit about this “TWITTER”..dat everybdy’s been talking abt..slowly slowly evn I got d hang of it. It’s a good way to keep in touch with friends..gain information by reading useful tweets, a platform where you can share so many wonderful things that so many people will read. M jus lovin it nw, to follow me on twitter ma username is maliprajakta. Jus click on the follow button..n ul b following me thn.

Happy cheers 

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