October 09, 2009


I happened to meet ma friends last week…n just while having a chat we happened to plan a small one day trip.

We all wanted to chill, hav fun and relax and the amusement park was the best place we cud think off. I feel a bit low when I say this but I went to this amusement park for the first time n all of ma friends hav been there lik twice or thrice..no worries..atleast I went there this time..lol. :)) I had a fantastic time there. Four of us set off early in the morning for the amusement park.. on a Sunday..I ws damn excited..coz u all know now..I love adventure, fun n thrill. This was the day I was waiting for from a long time. We also enjoyed the boat ride coz this park is a bit isolated from the city on a small island and we need to go there by a boat.

I am not boasting of maself..but among ma four friends I was the only one who enjoyed every ride..even the most thrilling ones. ma friends didn’t even dare try sitting on big ones. It was jus me..who ws jumping in excitement …but that’s how I am. It was 1 in the noon..we had food…relaxed a bit and then again were off to enjoy the remaining rides. The most exciting ride was of course the roller coaster , there were two roller coasters. I enjoyed both of them and that too multiple times. One more exciting ride that freaked me out was the “Thunder”..ahh it was awesome. It was a two seated ride..but no one was sitting next to me. I had to sit alone. This ride just scared the shit outta me..evn I closed ma eyes in between..but thn whn I calmed down a bit I opened them again coz it gave a wonderfull view of the complete park.

Ohh it was a wonderful day..we left at 5.30 in the evening..and it took me..2 hours to reach home. One more thing that I forgot to tell u is that it was raining the whole day..we all were getting wet in the rain..but enjoyed it a lot. Evn after havin so much fun..aftr goin home I met some of my other frnds..for lik an hour..told them all the fun I had in the park..and me n ma other frnds decided that we will again go to that park. Wat a beautiful day it was..wanna go again with ma other friends..n I will…n the nxt time it will b more fun..coz this is a big group of frnds that I have.

Thanks for reading!!! tc :))

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