October 07, 2010

The Sandpapers

So many types of people you come across in your life, well there are many more to come in mine but some of them are, who help me, some who teach me, some who laugh at me and some who encourage me. But mostly I have come across people who try to pull me back. Who are not happy with what I am today, who wont be happy with what I will be tomorrow. Now I feel like laughing and I am, you know the more they pull me back, the more I am going to hit the bulls eyes. They are just pulling back an arrow that they know is going to hit the target. Laugh.

I am sure you too have such people in your life, everyone does. You shouldn't feel bad about that. You should be happy, I am. These people let me bring the best out of me. They give me the adrenalin I need to do tasks with ease and perfection. See you feel nice when you have to prove something to some one.

Prove them your the best, Let them know that the more you think ill about me, the more I am going to excel in what ever I do.

They are Sandpapers you know how a sandpapers works, the ones you use to smooth-en a rough material.
When your finished using a sand paper to smooth-en a material the sand paper wears out. Think of these people in your life as Sand papers, in the end they are going to wear out, and eventually you end up smooth and polished.

Don't hate such people i.e people who hurt you, people who envy you, people who think ill of you behind your back, instead feel good you have sand papers who are polishing you every now and then. Smile.

Have a look at this sand paper and remember all those who come in this category. Now smile. Because they are bringing out the best in you. Have a blessed and beautiful day ahead you all. Keep reading. And do let me know about how you feel after reading it. I am here to listen to everything that you have to say.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for Prajakt - my most favorite flower. I enjoyed your philosophical musings - keep it up and god bless you.

  2. @anonymous thanks!! I wil..!
    If Prajakt is your most favorite flower then you should also read a post that I wrote


    its quite interesting all about the flower and the mythological myth behind it. Well I found it pretty interesting :)